Six Years!

junho 3, 2013 em Big Papa Posts

6 years of Big Papa Records, wow, who would have thought!

It’s been a great ride, full of ups and downs, highs and lows and mainly lots of great music that we love being played and sold at our humble space!

Now, what makes us keep going in the era of fast everything? Downloads, youtube, Facebook, Cable, I-phone, I-Pad, I-don’t-give-a-fuck….
We LOVE music! GOOD music! Our friends and customers have grown to the hundreds. We don’t need 13 thousand likes on Facebook,
don’t need to sell trendy groups or caters to hipsters. Our customer base is made up of people that love music!

Yesterday for example, the day of our anniversary, we had a young man come into the shop, he was brought in by a friend. He came in and asked for the allmighty John Lee Hooker on LP, but we had run out recently. I suggested a Fat Possum artist he had never heard of, Asie Payton. He heard the raw sounds of the bluesman and said to put that one on the side, he dug it! As he got ready to close out his purchase, which included a Little Walter lp as well, I suggested another bad-ass bluesman, Paul Wine Jones. He heard that as well and closed his blues afternoon by buying 2 great lps he never knew of before!

We LOVE recommending good music, enjoy our jobs and work VERY hard to bring you the small but hand-picked selection we offer at the store.

We thank each and every one of you that in these 6 years has walked into the store and offered some kind words, free advice, bought one or 100 lps in one shot!

Me and Katia (BIG PAPA & BIG MAMA) promise you guys to keep offering you great service, good music and the love of culture and hope that we can keep BIG PAPA doors open for as long as you allow us to!

A special thanks goes out to el Primo in Miami, Marcos & Jessica, Kalota, Seu Carlos and others whom without your help and support, we would not be around! Also to people that try/tried to boycott our endeavours, showed bad faith in participating in our events and wished that we closed our doors, we say: SORRY, ain’t gonna happen!

See you around the store and remember – BIG PAPA records, where good music is always #1!!